People have been asking me about my inspiration for my paintings. A lot of it, as I said in my introduction, is when I am driving to Wales from the Midlands. As a driver, I have to memorise what I see and then reach into my memory later on to try to recreate what I have seen. It's a kind of mindfulness- to try to take in the details of the scenery on your journey and enjoy it (as well as keeping a safe eye on the road!), and I think I try to record that mind when I am no longer travelling. I have also been a passenger on the journey, and I try where possible, to actually photograph some scenes now too. Not easy, as the view is often blurred, or the camera tries to focus on the raindrops on the window instead of the view beyond, and then the scene is lost in the speed of our travel. Not to mention that it can be slightly distracting for the driver if you keep trying to point a camera near their view! But I do occasionally record something now that I think fits with what I see in my memories. What do you think?