About Me

Moorland Cottage - painting in mixed media by Emily Pincher 

I graduated with Honours in Fine Art from the Birmingham Institute of Art & Design (BIAD), and followed this with a PGCE in Secondary Art Education. I bought a little property in Wales, and here, I have begun to explore my own practice again. I travel from the West Midlands, where I work as Head of Art at a boarding school, to West Wales almost every weekend and every school holiday, and my work now reflects the peace and tranquillity I find here. I take pleasure in all the sights and scenes from the Midlands to Ceredigion, from the turbulent, sometimes ferocious weather and seas, to the smells and sounds of the farms.

For me, my paintings are a way of recording the ephemeral. As I travel, I see scenes that I try to retain in my mind to record when I am still again.

Often the details are blurred, the landscape ambiguous, as I am not fully aware of where I am when I see the landscape that will inspire me. The paintings I make are improvisational, where I let the antagonistic relationship between water-based and oil-based paints fight to create my memories. I like to explore textures, often putting wax, collage and decollage into my work. My work can be seen in the Oriel Aeron Gallery in Aberaeron. You can buy originals from there, or browse my site for paintings and prints, and hopefully you will find yourself wanting to own some of my work.